Testimonials For Max Spice

I just want to let you know, I am a big fan of your Max Spice! I was a student at the University of Rochester. And there is this small restaurant called Mt hope family diner near the university that has the best pork chop in town. Me and my friends went there every week. I graduated in the summer of 2014 and left Rochester. I really miss their pork chop. Later I got married and now live in Taxes. Last year I visited Rochester with my husband. And I brought him to my favorite restaurant. That’s when i realized the secret to their pork chop is MAX SPICE!( my husband’s pork chop is non-spicy without max spice and tasted not as good as mine). I never see max spice in any supermarket so i have to beg the restaurant owner to sell me a few. He told me it is not for sale but eventually agreed to sell me 3 bottles and told me I can order at your website. You know how much we love BBQ in Taxes, your max spice goes well with everything: steak, pork chop, pizza, pasta noodle! And now I don’t have to travel to Rochester to enjoy a good pork chop! I know things are tough for family business during this pandemic and I wish all the best to you and your business! As long as you still sell max spice I will be a customer! Have a nice day!


I love spicy, intense flavors and this always delivers, especially when I’m eating out. I don’t care who the chef is or what restaurant I’m eating at, I always throw some on my meal. Michelin-starred restaurant? I’m adding Max Spice to everything on the tasting menu. You like spicy Indian food? So do I, just with some Max Spice added. You know what’s better than a Corned Beef Rueben? One with Max Spice on it. I even threw it on my son’s birthday cake much to my wife’s chagrin. I love Max Spice so much, it has become the foundation of my every day carry. Keys, wallet, phone, and Max Spice. I never leave the house without it. Food just tastes grey and bland without a few dashes added.

-Brian Donovan

Ann and I have been using MaxSpice for years, Ann especially likes it on popcorn. Recently I gave some to our friend Mario, he liked it so much he just placed an order. Great stuff.

-Chris Cleary